Bits and Pieces

Hello, welcome to the bits and pieces of my life. Of course, Jessa Bitmore is not my real name, I chose it as a pseudonym because it is easier to write one’s naked truth from the safety of anonymity and I seek to write my truth. Likely, this will not be light reading, life is much more than light reading I believe. Life can in fact, be chewy, and hard to swallow at times, bitter and sweet, bland, and of course spicy, as well. For it is impossible to know one side without the other, understanding from all perspectives being necessary for growth. And then there are the lessons we learn, which life teaches even when we feel reluctant or stubborn or afraid. I have found myself there, more than once, for I have been guilty of fearful, stubborn reluctance.¬† These sentiments¬† often result, to our chagrin, in the need for a second or even a third round of lessons, each one more painful than its predecessor, until we can accept and even love our own darkness, thereby allowing us to experience our light.¬† Part of my reasoning in sharing these stories-my stories- is precisely to defeat those negative, broken parts which live inside us all. So we begin with the First Piece, which could have just as easily been perceived as the last.